Ida Summers is a famous casino cheat

GamblingSitesOnline has recently begun a new series, in which we will be discussing some of the most notorious casino cheats of all time. This article will focus on one of the most bizarre – Ida Summers. Ms. Summers is unique because she’s a female. She was, in fact, the only female professional casino cheat to be caught.

Summers is not the only casino cheat, but most of the known cheaters are male. Although women have been involved in many scams, their main role is to provide a distraction so that a male accomplice can cheat. Summers was, however, both the mastermind behind the scams and the one who executed them.

Below, you can find out more about Ida Summers’ cheating activities.

The Vegas Vixen

Ida Summers worked in Las Vegas casinos during the 1960s, 1970s. She was a strikingly beautiful woman who earned the nickname “The Vegas Vixen”. She was just over 5 feet tall and weighed less than 100 lbs. It was unlikely that pit bosses or dealers at the time would suspect that this petite, beautiful lady was cheating.

Summers was not only attractive, but she also had a lot of charm. Summers was charming and a good friend. Her attractiveness and friendly nature were evident to all who knew her. However, her true talents were much less obvious. She was actually a skilled sleight-of-hand expert, which she used to 메리트카지노 out thousands of dollars.

Hand Mucking and Deck Switching

Summers began by using hand mucking at the blackjack tables. Although this is an easy form of cheating, it’s not difficult to do. It is a cheat (in this instance Summers) who will steal cards from the table while playing without being noticed. To help the cheat win, a card is returned to the table at the correct time. Summers was able to do this without drawing attention.

She didn’t stop there, however. She continued to use a more difficult technique: deck switching. This involves replacing a whole deck of cards with a new one. This replacement deck is also known as a cooler or cold deck. It was pre-arranged to guarantee Summers’ victory. To maximize the benefit, she may have had other players at the table. She and her accomplices wouldn’t have won every hand because this would have been suspicious. However, they would still have enough hands to make a profit.

It would have required incredible skill to switch a cooler in and remove the original deck without anyone being able to notice. This would be impossible in modern casinos. And it would have been something very few people considered back then. Summers was talented enough and bold enough to try it.

It is not clear how Summers was able to complete the switches without being noticed. Nor how much she earned from her cheating activities. However, it is believed that she made large sums of money over a long period of time.

Arrest & Charged

We don’t know much about the circumstances that led to Summers being arrested. We know that the FBI and gaming officials were involved in the operation that led to Summers’ arrest. Although she was convicted of cheating, her attractive charm and looks may have saved her. Instead of being sentenced to prison, she was placed on probation.


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