Poker Players Rake It In!

Online poker has seen a surge in popularity, with poker companies listing on stock exchanges and everyone trying to grab a piece. Although there are hundreds of online poker sites, they all offer the opportunity to wager some of your hard-earned money against anonymous opponents located miles away. In our underwear, if we so wish.

You don’t have to leave your house to feel the adrenaline rush of winning a card with small fortunes at stake. You don’t need to travel, dress in layers, or take a taxi home. You can play at any hour of the day or night. There is no closing time. We don’t need to miss Corry and Enders. We can play until our hearts desire as long as we have enough money in our poker accounts.

That’s the problem. How do we keep our money in our accounts? We feel comfortable with the rules and learn quickly. It seems so fast and furious. The computer keeps telling us to speed up – “Hang on, I’m thinking!” Although he may have an ace, I’m not sure. Please give me a moment to think.

“Oh, I fold!”

However, as time passes, as we worry about how many Neteller transactions we make, it becomes easier to understand. We win a few hands, figure out our opponents, and end up at the table with a profit!

We’re hooked

We increase our stakes and start playing at larger tables. We participate in a few tourneys, sometimes even making it to the final table. But we don’t win. We’re not feeding the sharks. We haven’t deposited in days, and we’re still playing!

This is dependent on winning, at least now and again. It’s all great when we win. But it gets tedious when we click the ‘Deposit Funds’ button. It would be nice if there were a way to ensure that funds are deposited into your account without the credit card taking the hit.

It is, and it is impressive how many people who are playing poker right now don’t know about Rakeback. Many poker companies are desperate to get our business to offer a money back to players.

It’s time for the good news to be shared

“The Rake” is the name of the profit made by poker companies. They get a percentage from every game. We don’t even notice it’s gone. It adds up to a lot of profit for the company. Rakeback is a term that comes from the slot siteleri method where the dealer used his chip rake and dragged a few chips into buckets to pay their expenses. You might even make a million.

Online poker companies do the same thing, but electronically. As an incentive to us signing up for their site, they offer Rakeback through different online Rakeback sites as a referral incentive. It’s precisely what the name suggests – we get a little of “The Rake” back to us. For every hand we play, the poker website takes a portion and gives it back to us through the affiliate Rakeback site. This can add up to a small amount, and our poker account gets a nice little cash injection at the end of each month.

We have played, no matter how many times we win or lose. That’s all you need to do to receive your Rakeback. It can pay for our entire month of poker if we play enough. Even if we lose, it is possible to have enough money still. Think about that.

We need to ask Uncle Google for some “Rakeback Deals,” sign up at our new poker site via the affiliated Rakeback website and hit the table. The Rakeback will inflate all the winnings we earn while playing. You are so sweet!

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